Services I Provide

I have provided SEO and social media consultations to many authors including a few best sellers. One thing they all had in common was an understanding of what needed to be done to build their web presence, but a lack of time to accomplish these tasks. The choices they felt they had were to largely ignore SEO and social media, pay a firm hundreds of dollars a month to build their web presence for them or worst of all, divert time and effort away from their main task (in this case writing) to spend on building their internet presence.

I realized that there were probably a very large number of website owners in the same predicament. I conceived a model where site owners pay a much smaller monthly fee and get regular reports, steady link building and have access to ask any SEO, social media or brand building question they wish. I wanted to create a place for website owners on a budget to outsource their SEO for an affordable price.

Services I provide.

  • Initial assessment of site structure of your website, keyword research, rank checking in search engines and analysis of a competitors site. Click here for a detailed description of this process.
  • Assessment of your social media presence. I will look at your presence on major social media outlets and will make any recommendations for improvement.


  • Search engine check report for your site emailed to you. This report will let you track your position in major search engines for each of your keyword terms and the position of several of your competitors if you wish.
  • Competitor research report on up to one target. This report will find all links to a competitors websites and analyze them to find which links are most valuable to your competitors so that you can attempt to get links in the same locations. If you don’t have a specific site you would like analyzed I can provide a list of blog posts relevant to your keywords that would make great candidates to post comments on for backlinks.
  • Slow, steady and most importantly natural link building effort including real blog comments, directory listings, social bookmarks etc.
  • You may provide up to two articles a month which I will distribute to article directories.
  • You may provide up to one press release a month which I will distribute.
  • I spend several hours a week studying emerging trends in SEO, social media, building your brand and internet marketing and will send out occasional subscriber only bulletins with strategies which I feel are highly beneficial.
  • Most importantly, picking my brain with questions about these topics is absolutely allowed and encouraged. Let me know what you’re trying to accomplish and I’ll work with you to lay out a plan to help you build your brand to the level you would like it to be.

The methods I use for each site will often be similar but the attention that you and your site get will be unique. I don’t just put in some words and hit a button. I take the time to understand your business, your goals and try to help you build your web presence to the levels you would like it to be. If you would like to discuss a custom plan with extra features (having articles written, producing web 2.0 sites etc.) or would like samples of my initial assessment reports, please use the contact me form.

My price for this service for one site will be $50 a month or $40 a month if the full year is paid for in advance. Each additional site will be $10 a month. For my first 100 clients, the price for one site will be $25 a month or $20 a month if paid a year in advance. Each additional site will still be $10 a month. This is a LIFETIME price and will not go up after the year is over, if you are one of my first 100 clients.