A Week of SEO PowerSuite Reviews And Overviews

SEO PowerSuiteI decided to make this week at SEOonABudget.com the week of SEO PowerSuite. Today is an introductory post and each of the next four days will have a review of the four tools that make up SEO PowerSuite.

SEO PowerSuite is a set of four tools designed to help SEO practitioners. SEO PowerSuite was among the first SEO tools I downloaded and it was the first SEO tool I purchased.

I initially came across SEO PowerSuite while looking for a tool that I could run a few times a week to check the ranking of my wife’s site in search engines. I looked at several options like IBP but SEO PowerSuite had the good sense to do something nobody else did, they offered a free version with very little limitations and no expiration date. You can go to their website right now and download free demos of the software that are pretty darn close to full functionality. The Rank Tracker program tracked all of my keywords fine, it just wouldn’t save the data so I couldn’t see if I was trending up or down. I used the free versions of these tools for well over a month before I decided to purchase the pro editions. In an ironic twist of fate, it wasn’t until the program stopped working correctly that I decided to become a buyer.

I’m REALLY cheap when it comes to buying software so I spend way more time researching than I should. I knew SEO PowerSuite had been around for a long time and had a lot of loyal customers but with any piece of SEO software you’re going to encounter negativity so I stalked the forums for over a month to see how the SEO PowerSuite staff interacted with users. It seemed like they had pretty good support. One day Rank Tracker started spitting out horrible results for our site. Some terms that were in the mid-teens in Google showed “not in top 100” while others showed fine. I ran it a few times, waited a day and tried again, and kept getting inconsistent results. I emailed the SEO PowerSuite staff exactly what was happening and went to bed.

When I woke up, I had an email in my inbox which explained exactly what the problem was, stated that they had their programmers working on it and that the fix would be released as soon as possible. The email even contained screenshots of my keywords and site results in Google with the cause circled. That email would have impressed me no matter what but it impressed me double since I was using the free version. I wasn’t even a paying customer and they were giving me great support.

Within a week they had released an update that fixed the problem. As soon as I confirmed that everything was working good I went to the website a bought a copy. Their outstanding product drug me in and their customer service and commitment to keeping the product updated daily won me over.

If this at all sounds interesting to you go grab a free version off of their site and play with it for as long as you like. They have two different paid versions. The pro version which has all functionality but cannot export reports (just view them on screen) and the enterprise version which can export the data and reports. The pro is fine if you only do SEO for your sites. The enterprise edition is for SEO companies who need to send reports to clients.

One last note, I now use the software with 15 private proxies (for speed) and with the automated captcha service set up. The captcha service is a MUST own for this product. I bought the 5,000 captcha pack for $22 when I first bought the software. I’ve been using it for over a year and still have around 4,500 captchas left! Don’t think about buying the captchas, just do it. Nobody wants to have to type those things in.

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5 Responses to A Week of SEO PowerSuite Reviews And Overviews

  1. Dafeenah says:

    I’ve been using it for awhile now. What I liked most was that it was good for even those like me who have no clue what they’re doing. A lot of the softwares are very complicated but this one I figured out quite easily so it definitely gets my vote. I just use the free version though.

  2. Matt says:

    Nothing wrong with that 🙂 The two features that finally got me were the 1,000 link cap on spyglass and wanting to track historical data from rank tracker.

  3. TimBurming says:

    Experience with SEO Power Suite from Link-assistant.com & Comparison of WebCEO and SEO Power suite

    The trueth about those programs is.
    They will not improve your search engine ranking. But they can do you serious damage.
    Especially the backlink approach. I have bought both programs and tested them. I will come to the results of the handling later.
    The main thing is:
    I have paid a lot of money for the programs and instead of getting backlink partners, I was banned as a spammer from my provider (hostgator).
    This has nothing to do with wrong use from my side. I will proof this with the attached documents.

    How do both programs detect possible backlink partners? The perform keyword searches in Search engines and list keyword related sites as well as Sites that have existing backlinks of your sompetitors (if you provide them).
    After this first step, the programs begin to scan the sites for contact addresses and perform WHOIS look ups.
    What I did not know: This step is called URL Harvesting and is unfortunately a method of spammers as well.
    It is not too difficult to detect that the mail addresses are from URL
    When you use them and send bulk mails to the addresses asking for back links, you will have a lot of bounces because the data quality of URL harvested addresses is very low. Bouncing rates of more than 10% are very uncommon. You have to expect bouncing rates of 20-30%. What immediately happens is that your mails are getting blocked. In my case I could not even send 100 mails to the intended destinations. Instead of getting back link cooperations hostgator has deactivated my emails from my business URL when they detected that I was using automatically generated mailing lists.

    I have discussed the issue with hostgator, but they called the procedure / this approach still URL harvesting and refused to enable my email again. I still have web space but no access to mails. I can not even create a new mailbox. The just sent me a form to cancel the contract and move to another hoster, what I will definitely not do, because I have paid for the webspace and I will use it. I was luicky, because the URL my website is hosted on is just my secondary Domain and usually I am using another Mail Domain for communications with customers. But if you use your regular mail of your primary domain, you will have a real problem.

    One thing to mention here:
    WebCEO support was fair at least. Link assistant (SEO Power suite) just ignored my mails and demand for support.
    Hostgator is a separate case. They don’t ignore the mails but have no manners at all and seem not to know how to deal with customers. Well the company is obviously too big and they think the can do whatever they want…. Another danger for your business sites…. Don’t expect them to help you if you have serious problems….

    To come back to my experience with the SEO power suite respectively the comparison of SEO power suite vs. WebCEO: Both programs are claiming that they are the best SEO optimization software available. This should justify the high price for the software.
    Is it worth their money? Well, if you are willing to pay for damaging your business and image, then go ahead and purchase it. You could as well pay for getting a stroke with a hammer.
    Mybe you can improve your site ranking with the HTML optimization tools, but this is available for free. The only thing that really could boost your SEO ranking are backlinks and this is exactly what these tools can NOT do for you.

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