Rank Tracker Review and Overview

The first of tool in the SEO PowerSuite family that I’ll take a look at is Rank Tracker. Rank Tracker is the tool that drew me in and I still use it daily to check my website’s rankings. I also use Rank Tracker when I need to perform keyword research for myself or a client.

The thing I love most about Rank Tracker is that I have all of the information I want right at my fingertips. I can fire the program up, push one button and a few minutes later I can see my position in any search engine I want and whether or not that ranking is higher or lower than the last time I ran a check. Rank tracker has hundreds of search engines in its capabilities list but I stick to the U.S. versions of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

In addition to being able to sort by any criteria on the page I can switch my “view” to several others including the keyword research view. From there I can sort by which keywords get the most Google searches, have the most or least competition, are the best bets to try to target etc. You can even link Rank Tracker with your Google AdWords account and view your sites traffic figures from here. I really cannot say enough about how great it is to have the ability to see any movements in the search results and how important those terms are all in a single interface.

I made a short YouTube video showing Rank Tracker in use.

In addition to the rank tracking and keyword efficiency tracking, Rank Tracker is a full featured keyword research tool. The current options for Keyword research are:

  • Google AdWords
  • Harvesting keywords from meta tags of competing websites
  • Yandex Wordstat
  • Google Related Searches
  • Bing Related Searches
  • Ask Related Searches
  • Google Autocomplete
  • Yahoo Search Assist
  • Bing Search Suggestions
  • Ask TypeAhead Search Suggestions
  • Yandex Search Suggestions
  • SEMRush
  • Keyword Discovery
  • Wordtracker
  • Word mixer
  • Word combination
  • Misspelled words
  • Yahoo clues
  • Google trends

Using these tools I can take a keyword phrase and turn into a large list very quickly. Once I’ve got that large list I push a button and Rank Tracker analyzes the competition and traffic for each term and I know which terms could be good targets and which terms are a lower priority. I absolutely love this tool.

As with all SEO Powersuite tools, there is a no time limit near full functional free edition that you can download from the site. I used my free edition for well over a month while I was contemplating purchase of the product.

No honest review can be perfect and this rank tracker review is no different. The one caveat that I will make about this software is that if you’re going to be using it often, you should invest in a few private or shared proxies and the captcha service. This has nothing to do with the software itself; it’s just the way search engines work. For my wife’s main site I check three search engines for 92 different terms. If I use no proxies the search will take a few hours. I use 5 private proxies I can get the search time to just under one hour and when I switched from 5 proxies to 15 I get the total time down to 8 minutes.

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