Is Tweet Adder Still Safe to Use?

Tweet Adder has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. Last week twitter announced that they were filing suite against five companies for contributing to spam on their network. The biggest target was definitely on tweetattacks but tweet adder was collateral damage as they were one of the other five named. The question that quite a few people in internet marketing forums were asking was “Is Tweet Adder still safe to use?”

Tweetattacks was server based and therefore instantly shut down. The black hat community mourned the loss of tweetattacks as it was truly a “set it and forget it” tool right down to account creation. In hindsight I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did. Tweet Adder is different from tweetattacks in that it’s users downloaded it and have it on their machine. Unless twitter changes the way it’s API works then tweet adder should keep on working.

Everyone is just guessing but the general consensus is the things that bothered twitter the most were the automated account creation and the auto tweet. By auto tweet I mean those people who set up their copy of tweet adder to tweet a link to a product every time someone mentions a term. In my opinion this is a really gray area for one reason. If I own a company that sells a sports drink and I set up tweet adder to send a link to a coupon for my product to anyone who tweets the words “thirsty” or “just worked out” then that’s spam and I’m probably going to get kicked out of twitter. I 100% understand and agree that.

What I wonder is what twitter’s stance would be if instead of of using a program like tweet adder I paid a few virtual assistants in India to stay on tweet deck or hootsuite 24 hours a day and do the same task. Is that ok since it’s not automated? If the end result is the same, why does it matter how I achieved it?

I think the best answer to the question of whether or not Tweet Adder is still safe to use is, it depends on how you use it. I had lunch with some friends yesterday and I brought up the twitter lawsuit. One of my friends said that he used Tweet Adder not only to do the follow/un-follow process but also to auto tweet. He said that he was very conservative and that he never tweeted more than once an hour but I still let him know about the lawsuit so he could be careful.

There are quite a few Tweet Adder users who only use it to automate the follow/un-follow process. A lot of those users are ultra conservative and follow/un-follow less than 50 users a day. Those users are probably safe for the time being but I would remain ultra cautious and keep the daily follow and un-follow limits lower than normal.

I’ve never had a problem with a twitter account so I can’t speak to this from experience but I’ve read several forum posts from users who have had their twitter accounts suspended. The ones who got their accounts suspended for moderately aggressive follow and un-follow churn seem to be able to get their accounts back by sending Twitter an apologetic email saying that they’re sorry that they were sorry for being overaggressive and that it would never happen again. Those who have had their accounts suspended for hyper aggressive following (hundreds to a thousand in a day) or for spam almost never get their accounts back.

The great paradox of risking your twitter account with automated activity is that the more success you have, the more you have to lose. If your account with 120 followers gets banned, no big deal. If you spend a year building an account to 5,000 followers and you lose it, that can be a very big deal. I understand that a lot of users will continue to use Tweet Adder until the day comes when it no longer logs into their accounts. I don’t blame them. It’s a great tool.

The ironic part about all of this is tweet adder is probably getting a lot of new customers who can no longer use tweetattacks or other server based programs. If you’re one of the ones who will continue to use Tweet Adder be cautious with the number of your follows/un-follow and be VERY cautious with any automated tweeting.

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2 Responses to Is Tweet Adder Still Safe to Use?

  1. Daljit Kaur says:

    I agree with your article that we have to be careful with any automated software for twitter.

    I had my twitter account suspended recently though I was not using it an aggressive manner. I could get my account back after 2-3 weeks following up with twitter support for a number of times.

    I will recommend to avoid any automation on twitter account if you have a large number of have much more to lose than to gain..


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