Ultimate Demon vs. UltimateDemon or Importance of Keyword Research

Monday I wrote an article about my impressions after one days use (I know, I know, not exactly a large sample size) of UltimateDemon. One of the first rules of modern SEO is that each webpage can really only rank for one term. If you try to rank with multiple terms on a single page you will probably accomplish the goal of ranking for none of them. If you want to rank for multiple terms then you really need to write multiple articles and make multiple pages.

When I went to write Monday’s post, I had to decide if I was going to refer to the software as UltimateDemon or Ultimate Demon. The software itself and the companies own website omit the space and use UltimateDemon but when I was researching the product I found just as many forum posts using the version with the space. The answer to the question is obvious to any veteran SEO practitioners, let Google make the decision for me.

Before I wrote my report I fired up my copy of Rank Tracker and checked the effectiveness of the two terms. Ultimate Demon was searched for 4,400 times a month vs. UltimateDemon’s total of 320 times per month. That would seem to make the version with the space the clear winner but in the immortal words of Lee Corso, not so fast my friend. The amount of competition for the term ultimate demon was listed at over 48 million while the competition for UltimateDemon was just under 120,000. I know there are several ways you can judge competition and I’m a bigger fan of the allintitle method but for this quick experiment I left the defaults on.

The results of those numbers give Ultimate Demon a KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index) of 0.401 while UltimateDemon has a score of 0.861. The KEI is usually figured out by multiplying the number of searches a term gets by itself and then divide that number by the competition. No matter what metrics you decide to use the methodology stays the same. That’s also why there isn’t a magic number that a KEI must hit to make a post “worth it”, it’s just a tool you use to compare multiple possible terms to see which one will provide the most efficient results.

Even though the version with the space gets a lot more people searching for it, it’s way, WAY more competitive. If I were making a site solely for the purpose of making affiliate money with UltimateDemon then the correct answer would obviously be to have separate pages for each term but since it’s only one article I’m writing I went with the term more likely to rank in Google.

SEO experts know the importance of keyword research but it really is the most important tool in my toolbox. The first thing I do when anyone comes to be for SEO advice is go pull the # of competitors and the # of monthly searches for the terms the person is interested in as well as some modifications of the term. There is almost always a few surprises in the results.

By the way after a few days of UltimateDemon, I’m only liking it more.

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4 Responses to Ultimate Demon vs. UltimateDemon or Importance of Keyword Research

  1. Dafeenah says:

    Very interesting. That is one thing I don’t think about too much. I may see a keyword that isn’t plural but will use the plural in my post. Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to pay closer attention to this. It could also explain why a few of my pages aren’t ranking for the proper keywords. I didn’t realize how important the exactness was. Very cool. 🙂

    • Dafeenah says:

      oh question (because I SUCK at math) to get the 0.4 and 0.8 what did you do? divide? I’m assuming but just wanted to be sure that is what you did

      • Matt says:

        I totally missed the boat on not explaining that better. Thanks for pointing that out. The KEI is usually the number of searches squared divided by the competition. I’ll go flesh out the post a little more right now.

    • Matt says:

      I’ll go try to dig up an article I wrote on Guerrilla Wordfare about a wordpress plugin called “Easy WP SEO” and post it here. When I’m writing informal posts like this one I don’t worry about keyword optimization but if I want to target a specific phrase with a post or page, Easy WP SEO is a must use.

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