A Step by Step Guide to Increasing your Share Price in Empire Avenue

Here is a video I made where I explain step by step the moves I make on Empire Avenue to raise my share price. Below the video I’ll put some tips. If you’re just starting out in Empire Avenue, the goal is to get your share price above 50 so you can create missions.

It’s worth taking a peek at the recent arrivals every once in a while for great buys cheap. Getting a stock at 10 and watching it shoot past 50 does wonders for your portfolio.

Don’t waste your time looking at recent arrivals with no picture.

Know that recent arrivals with less than 4 social networks connected will probably not be big gainers long term. If a recent arrival has 4 of more social network connections they are likely real and will rise quickly so grab 200 shares cheap.

Be careful matching share for share with someone who has a value much greater than yours. A lot of high value players understand this and will match your buy of 50 with a 200-800 share buy in you but some will not. If at all possible, try to buy people with a share price somewhat similar to you or buy the higher priced shares in lower quantity.

The goal (unless your share price is well over 50 and stable) is to invest in users who will in return invest in you. This will steadily raise your share price and provide you will a solid shareholder base. The best way to accomplish this is to browse the recommended users for other users who own shares in as many people (or more) than own shares in them. If you see a user who looks great but has 300 shareholders and a portfolio of 80, then you know that they are unlikely to return the investment favor and you should probably move on.

ALWAYS shout when you buy someone’s shares and shout back when they shout at you. These count as Empire Avenue actions and help your score.

P.S. I forked over $100 on Amazon for a blue yeti microphone in an attempt to increase the audio quality of my videos. Please let me know any feedback you have on how I can improve my videos!!!

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  1. Dafeenah says:

    Thank you as always! Video (and sound ) is awesome! The only complaint I have about the videos is we don’t get enough of them. 😛

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