Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams

Time for this blog’s first ever post that has nothing to do with SEO 🙂

I was out of town for the past week and just got home today. The week really re-enforced some lessons about following your passion and being happy.
Last week I spent Monday-Friday in Phoenix for work related (and most importantly funded) computer training. The training ran every day from 8AM until about 6PM and I was up until midnight each night studying for the two certification tests I was going to take at the end of the week.

To explain how I engrossed I was in this course I went for a run Monday morning before class started. That was literally the last time I stepped foot outside the hotel until I took my bags to my car Friday. Most people would think that sounds miserable but I loved every minute of it. When I saw my wife Friday she told me I was glowing.

The long hours and extreme happiness combo reinforced an extremely important lesson, a person is much, MUCH happier doing what they love doing. I would rather do what I love for 14 hours a day than do a job I dreaded going to for 8 hours a day.

Once my class was over Friday afternoon I drove across town to meet my wife who was exhibiting at the Phoenix Comicon. I spent the weekend hanging out with her, walking around checking out the sights and talking to a lot of really genuinely good people.

That place was full of people who were likely never going to get rich doing what they loved, but were having a blast doing it. Two times during conversations with separate people the subject of “I may need to give this up and get a real job” came up. Screw that!!!

I met a great guy name Brandon who told me that his passion was creating fantasy worlds, but his real world job was in the produce section at a grocery store. I told him that I thought it was really cool that he knew what his passion was and that he should stick with it at nearly any cost. The very important but often tricky part is figuring out how to monetize your passion to the point that it can provide a stable income.

Monetizing can be difficult and it will definitely take long hours to work on and cost you some sleep but it is possible. Your passion may be such a small niche that it may be impossible to get rich off of but who cares about being rich! I encouraged both of the artists that I talked with to avoid the “advice” that most people will give which is to get a good job, work yourself into the ground for 30 years, collect your $50 watch at your retirement party and then you can follow your dreams.

There are too many variables and life is too short. Know that you will have to put in long hours and hard work but you can monetize on your passion.
The only reason that I’m posting this on a SEO blog is that I imagine 90% of my readers are trying to create their online brand and presence for a startup business. Some of you probably feel like you’re not making progress and the rewards aren’t worth the effort.

If it’s just about the money to you than that decision is 100% yours to make and I’m sure you’ll make the correct one. But if you’re like most of my readers and the only reason your trying to increase your web presence is because you’re trying to realize your dreams and make a living doing what you love than I really hope you stick with it.

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