Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5 Review

Dragon Naturally speaking 11.5When I decided to do an SEO blog I told myself to try to commit to doing one post a day. So far so good on my SEO version of a new year’s resolution. I’ve had some dumb ideas in my life and the latest on the list is thinking that Dragon Naturally Speaking would help me “write” more articles and reach my goals.

For those who aren’t familiar with Dragon Naturally Speaking (DNS) it’s a program designed to let you speak into a microphone while it translates what you’re saying into text. I thought that since I can talk faster than I could type, I would give it a try. I did my due diligence and read a lot of reviews on Amazon and on a few other sites. It seemed like 75-80% of the reviewers thought it was an awesome product and a big help. The remaining 20-25% said it either didn’t work well for them or that it was really buggy. Believe it or not, both sides were right except for the big help part.

It is an incredible piece of software. I spend some time reading the practice articles while it learned my voice. Once that was done then I started describing what was going on in the baseball game on tv and it was doing a really, REALLY good job of translating. It would definitely take some checking and tweaking before you could post the text it translated but it was still impressive.

The problem came when I realized that I was speaking very slowly and very clearly. When I started to speed up my speech a little bit the accuracy went down in a hurry. I couldn’t come anywhere close to normal speech speed before it started looking like my cat jumped on my keyboard.

I was starting to wonder if the product would be the miracle cure I thought it would be but I figured that I would try it out a little longer. That’s when I started to see signs of the other complaints, the freezing up. The program would be working fine but the second you tried to do anything else on the machine, it would freeze. I’m not using a super computer but my laptop is not a lightweight by any means. After I had two restart my computer two or three times I uninstalled it and haven’t touched it since.

I really wanted to like this product and incorporate it into my article writing routine but I just couldn’t do it. I guess the 75-80% of users who love it have adjusted to speaking slowly and clearly so it works for them but if I have to do that, I’ll just go ahead and type it.

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  1. Dafeenah says:

    I have a transcriptionist friend who goes on and on about these softwares. According to her none of these softwares work in the “real world”. I’ve never tried them but I know she despises them and does all of her typing by hand. She says it’s faster.

  2. Matt says:

    She’s right. I was so disappointed…. It’s great software, and it’s probably close but until it can actually recognize “natural” speech, it’s use will be limited.

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