Empire Avenue is a Must Use

When I first heard about Empire Avenue I thought that it was a cool concept, but I wasn’t incredibly thrilled about using it. After a few weeks on Empire Avenue I can honestly say that anybody interested in building their brand or web presence should really sign up for that site and spend a few minutes a day there.

At its core Empire Avenue is a game but there is a lot brewing underneath the surface. You sign up for the site, and you become a stock. You associate all of your social media profiles and blog rss feeds to your profile and the more active you are, the higher your value will rise. Other uses can buy and sell your stock and have some effect on your share price but your price is largely under your control. If you’re active on social media, YouTube, instagram etc. than your value will soar. If you send out one tweet a week to your 8 followers, your stock price may stagnate. The currency of Empire Avenue are called “Eaves”. You start out with a decent number of Eaves and with a few wise investments you will quickly earn more.

The main draw for me when I first heard about Empire Avenue was the fact that it analyzed your social media accounts and gave you ratings in different categories. This sounded like a fantastic idea because it would give me one place to look and get an idea of where I was doing ok in my social media efforts, and where I was slacking. These analytics are what prompted me to sign up for Empire Avenue.

After I signed up for Empire Avenue and started to play around with it I quickly discovered a section called missions. Once I understood how missions worked, I realized that they were the primary reason to join Empire Avenue.

People with share prices above 50 eaves per share can create missions, which are just tasks they’re asking other members to do in exchange for a set amount of eaves. You’re under no obligation to ever look at the mission section but if you’re trying to earn a few extra eaves, it’s a great place to head to. When you go to the mission page you see a list of missions that other users are offering along with a very brief description of what the mission entails and the number of eaves that you will earn by completing the missions.

Common missions are following them on twitter, liking their Facebook page, visiting their homepage, watching their YouTube video or giving them a +k for a topic in klout. Mission rewards are usually 500 to 3000 eaves but can be higher. When you click the button to accept the mission the eaves are instantly deposited into your account and a new browser window opens up taking you to the page where you can complete the task. It’s usually a very quick process.

This may not sound like your idea of fun but it is one of the most powerful tools I’ve ever seen in building your internet presence. You can hook up your social media accounts and blogs so you get credit for things you’re already doing, spend a few minutes each day buying shares in others and once you get your share price above 50 eaves you have an instant on demand army to do whatever you want them to do!

Here is a quick example. You come to the realization that Twitter followers are easy to get, Facebook followers can be bought through ads or giveaways but Google +1 votes can be tough little cookies to get. Sure you can buy a few hundred on fiverr but they will all come at once, be from fake accounts and best case Google will ignore them, worst case they will punish your site with a penalty.

With Empire Avenue you could get REAL +1 votes from REAL users with REAL online friends at will. For 10,000 eaves (not that much at all) you could create a mission offering ten people the opportunity to hit +1 on your page for 1,000 eaves each. Within an hour or two you will have ten new Google +1 votes from users who are not only real, but are obviously interested in social media , likely have lots of friends and are therefore more influential in +1 search value.

If this sounds good to you head over to Empire Avenue, set up an account and start linking in your profiles. In my next article I’ll discuss how to maximize your share price with smart play.

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  1. Dafeenah says:

    I look forward to more articles on this. I signed up because I always do as I’m told but I seriously do not understand what I’m suppose to be doing lol

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