Initial Impression of Market Samurai

Market Samurai is a very popular SEO tool that is generally considered a keyword research tool. I usually use Rank Tracker to do my keyword research but I grabbed a 40 day trial of Market Samurai to see if I was missing out on anything good.

I expected functionality fairly similar to Rank Tracker but it’s vastly different. It’s worse in a few ways but has quite a bit of functionality that Rank Tracker does not.

For pure searches of where a website stands in search engines, Market Samurai is a complete non option. Rank tracker kicks it but is too many areas to list. As I write this Market Samurai tell you that you shouldn’t use Google in your rank tracking due to technical issues so that tells you how bad it is. It also appears quite a bit slower than Rank Tracker but I’ve got 35 private proxies so my seo tools that support those go very fast.

The keyword research module is where Market Samurai really starts to shine. Market Samurai doesn’t generate nice reports like the enterprise edition of the SEO PowerSuite tools do, but it does have a lot more fields in its findings. One extremely useful field that I hope rank tracker ads soon is the exact phrase vs. broad metric which shows the % of Google searches for those terms were for exactly that term vs. what percentage had those words but with other words or in a different order. This is a must have feature as some terms look extremely promising on the competition vs. traffic front but a quick check with Market Samurai can reveal that only 2% of Google searches with those words used that exact phrase.

Market Samurai training literature states that you like the percentage to be at least 15% and that sounds about right. Market Samurai keyword research reports also contain both the number of broad and exact searches for a phrase.

The big feature-set difference between SEO PowerSuite tools and Market Samurai will be of great interest to some and of little interest to others. That feature set revolves around revenue and monetization.

Market Samurai tells you what the going rate is on Google Adwords for each of your terms and what your daily revenue would be if you had the #1 spot for that term. If you build websites with an eye towards ad revenue Market Samurai is a must own. If your site is about building your business or brand and not about making money through ads then this feature may not mean much to you.

There are a lot more features in Market Samurai like a competition analysis, domain name finder, content finder and monetization opportunity finder. I’ll cover these in future posts but suffice to say that it’s a pretty neat little tool.

Maybe the best feature of all with Market Samurai is the cost. $97 for a lifetime license with no update fees. By SEO software standards that is incredible cheap and while I got a lot of playing and testing still to do, I imagine I will be a buyer once my trial period has ended.

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  1. Thank you for this great post. I am seriously considering purchasing market samurai as my 1 week free trial is about run out. In the dojo on they have some great videos.

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