Make Sure You’re Updating Your WordPress Sites

Not a “real” post but I wanted to put up a quick reminder to keep your WordPress sites updated. Most of the WordPress updates fix multiple security flaws and if not kept up to date, your site can become infected with all sorts of bad stuff and make your life miserable during the cleanup process. Even if you have a site you never ad content to it’s best to check it out every few weeks and apply the updates.

While performing competitor analysis the last two days I’ve seen literally dozens of infected sites which set up my anti virus when my software tries to visit the sites to analyze the links. The particular worm I kept seeing is the biggest current security threat on the internet according to AVG and out of date WordPress sites are particularly vulnerable.

Applying those updates only take a few seconds and they can save you a WORLD of hassle.

NOTE: A lot of people have custom themes and never update the theme. That’s usually ok but don’t mistake not updating your theme with not updating your plugins and WordPress itself.

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  1. Dafeenah says:

    I always update mine regularly but had no idea it could create such issues if I didn’t.

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