Switching a Blog from Blogger to WordPress

Most of the articles I post here are on will be on SEO or social media topics but today’s post is on transitioning from Blogger to WordPress.

I’ve helped a few of my wife’s friends move their sites from Blogger to WordPress and while there is a handy dandy tool in WordPress under tools -> import -> blogger that lets you port all of your content from Blogger to your WordPress blog it doesn’t always work. Most of the problems have to do with verifying your ownership of the site with Google but it still doesn’t always solve the problem so I want to talk about one “worst case” scenario that actually does an amazingly good job.

If your import keeps failing and you feel like you’re going to toss your laptop take a deep breath and log into your blogger, go to the settings menu, click on basic, then on blog tools and finally export blog. When you click download it will take all of your content and package it into an .xml file which you can download to your computer.

The next step is to go to a great little site located at http://blogger2wordpress.appspot.com/ and point it toward the .xml file you just downloaded. The site will then convert that file to a WordPress formatted .xml file which has all of the content.

Once you’ve download the WordPress formatted file you can go back to your WordPress dashboard -> tools -> import but not you can pick WordPress instead of Blogger. Choose the WordPress formatted .xml file that you got from conversion website and it will load all of your content into your new blog!

There are two things to pay attention to when it loads in your data. One is what user you would like to attribute the posts to. Usually you will choose your admin user from the drop down box but if multiple people had posted content to your blogger site than it can auto create accounts for all of them.

The second option to pay attention to is that it can automatically grab and upload all of the pictures associated with your Blogger posts. This is obviously one you want to pick.

The process only takes a few seconds and the end result looks awesome. I converted a photo intensive Blogger site to WordPress this morning and all of the formatting etc. came out perfect.

I know this wasn’t SEO related, but hopefully this post helps one of you guys out next time you run into a problem like this.

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  1. Dafeenah says:

    Having done this, I can say the more info and tips there are available the better. It’s a huge pain when you have no clue what you’re doing.

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