How the Heck do I Monetize THIS??

In my last post I talked about not giving up on trying to make a living doing what you love. I have no doubt that quite a few of my readers thought “That’s fine for a lot of people but my passion is XXXX and there’s no way I could make a living doing that.” You might be surprised.

I was out of town last week an in work related training which literally had me occupied from the time I woke up until I finally stopped studying at midnight each night. Despite this huge time sink I managed to produce a post (and therefore tweet, Facebook post etc.) Monday morning, Wednesday morning a Friday morning. The only way I was able to do it was because I wrote the articles last weekend and had WordPress schedule the posts to go live at those predefined times. I literally never touched this site once last week due to time constraints but everything kept on chugging along.

The reason I’m bringing that up is because the key to getting good rankings in search engines is the exact same as the key to monetizing your passion. You have to produce quality content frequently. How frequent is frequent enough? Ideally daily but a minimum of a few times a week. I know that I should have daily articles but a 50+ work week plus commute and other obligations make three articles a challenge.

For me the key to getting those three articles done is I don’t let myself go to bed Sunday night without having all three written and in WordPress ready to launch. My goal is to get one month ahead on my posts but I’m not quite there yet 🙂

If you think it’s impossible to produce daily content about your passion, you’re probably wrong.

If you became enthralled with bronze work at a young age and really felt that it was your passion, how would you begin to monetize that??
My answer would probably be something like this. If that truly was my passion than I was probably an active member of the online communities which discussed bronze work. From this material and from my own thoughts and experiences I’ve probably got enough for a few blog posts a week, a podcast whatever my preferred method of media is. Ideally the answer is both! I would then use a cheap (under $100) digital mini camcorder or the video camera on your phone to crank out some YouTube videos. If you’re a skilled bronze worker, start making how to videos.

If you’re just starting that’s fine too. You can learn something then cut a video showing what you learned. It will help reinforce what you learned and help others who want to get started too. To steal a quote from Marge Simpson you can start giving piano lessons tomorrow, you only have to stay one lesson ahead of the students.

Pumping out quality content on a regular basis will not only keep readers coming back to your site but it will do more than anything else to help bring new readers to your site. When we started making an effort to do a daily post on my wife’s site a year ago our Google visits went from a few dozen a day to a few hundred a day. Not only will you get traffic for phrases you’re targeting but you’ll start to get traffic from things you never thought anyone would type into a search engine.

Producing quality content takes a lot of time but if you truly want to be able to make a living doing what you love it’s the best way I know to get there.

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2 Responses to How the Heck do I Monetize THIS??

  1. Dafeenah says:

    Scheduling posts is definitely the way to go. It’s the only way I can keep up. Although I’ve fallen out of the habit on my own blog it’s something I need to get back doing again.

  2. 1solutions says:

    I normally schedule my post in advance for two weeks atleast [I post around 2 articles per week]. Helps me a lot in posting the blogs regularly and robots really love it !!!

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